Be a Guest

We feel that having special guests visit our studio is vital in helping our students excel in media as they give our students the chance to practice interviewing technique, question asking and gathering information about all different types of fields when it comes to media and the bigger world.

Having special guests visit also enhance our students personal and social skills and helps make them feel that other people believe in what they are trying to achieve through media.

Over the last school year we were lucky to be visited by

  • The police
  • An animal therapist
  • A TFL train driver
  • A civil engineer
  • Olympic athlete Tony Jarrett
  • MC Chase Blake
  • MP David Evennett
  • TV actor Jake Wood (Max Branning)

We also feel that having special guests not only benefits our students, but can help benefit the special guest as we have over 200 followers to our Facebook page and our videos being viewed in the UK, USA and Australia we offer a platform for that person to get  their information out to a wider audience.


At we don’t believe that media should just be kept to the class room with our portable recording equipment we have been lucky enough to visit.

  • Danson Park
  • The beach
  • A banger racing track
  • Cinema
  • Thorpe Park
  • The houses of Parliament
  • Back stage tour of the O2 in London

These trips out have enabled our students to learn how to record and produce on location shows and videos whilst giving them a chance to experience visiting some amazing places.