About Us

Our Studio

ALPschools.media is the pinnacle of vocational education on offer at Park View Academy in Welling. Created by ALP Schools to help introduce and teach media to young people with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND). The media suite aims to provide disaffected learners with educational experiences and opportunities not available in mainstream schools.

Our in house media team use a combination of modern equipment to allow learners to have hands on experience in music technology, assisting with recording studio operations and applying DJ skills and video production. When young people take an interest in this vocational area we have found students make vast improvements in their confidence and self-esteem all through the power of media.

We Offer

Music Production

  • Access to a sound proof recording booth
  • Access to midi controllers and analogue equipment in our studio to produce music
  • **New this September** Pioneer XDJ1000 DJ decks and DJM750 mixer
  • Top of the range software including Ableton for editing all music projects
  • Pinnacle Video suite for creating high end video productions
  • Access to a Go Pro for all filming needs
  • Access to a green screen wall to enhance create CGI effects video when filming and editing
  • Access to top of the range software for all video editing needs


  • Access to microphones and recording software to produce shows
  • Portable recorders enabling learners to produce shows and conduct interviews
  • Editing software to work towards a polished finish
  • Online web based platform to broadcast shows
  • Limited Online Music License (LOML) allowing broadcasting online